We all know resolutions don’t last but a few weeks. The team at Aguirre’s Fighting System wants you to ditch the New Year’s Resolution and make a New Year’s Commitment to fitness. Check out Aguirre’s Fighting System’s New Year Specials to help kick start your new look! Offer ends January 31, 2013, so sign up now! 


BootCampBoot Camp


Join our Boot Camp class and get the fitness results you have been looking for. Get ready to fight through a challenging but fun Boot Camp class. Sign up for one year and get the Aguirre’s Fighting System Signature “Fighter” T-Shirt.


Cardio Kickboxing


Ready to start the new year by burning up to a 1000 calories per 1 hour session? Aguirre’s Fighting System Cardio Kickboxing class is a high-energy, fast-paced class that will have you sweating to the new body you said you would have this coming year. Commit to our Cardio Kickboxing class and get the starter kit that includes the AFS cinch bag, Signature “Fighter” T-Shirt and premium kickboxing gloves.

CardioKickboxingExtreme Fitness


The team of instructors at Aguirre’s Fighting System are always looking into the latest techniques and now AFS has developed a brand new Fitness class that will share with you the latest fitness techniques to give you a total body overhaul. Push yourself for 1 year and receive the AFS cinch bag, Signature “Fighter” T-Shirt and Signature AFS Training shorts.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Ready to train in the discipline that started the MMA rise? Aguirre’s Fighting System has some of the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructors in the area. The “ground game” will work muscles in your entire body, so we know you will burn lots of calories and tone up. Plus, if you sign up for 1 year you get a high-quality Gi set.

CardioKickboxingPro-Style Kickboxing


Want to not only burn tons of calories? Get into top physical shape while learning self-defense techniques? Or maybe you want to push yourself to get ripped and compete? Aguirre’s Fighting System offers a Kickboxing class the will kick your New Year’s Commitment into high gear. Sign up for one year and you will get premium kickboxing gloves, premium shin guards and the AFS Signature “Fighter” T-Shirt.



Pro-Style Mixed Martial Arts


The staple here at Aguirre’s Fighting System, our Mixed Martial Arts class will transform your body into the lean, healthy shape you are seeking for the new year while learning how to defend yourself should you ever need it. Commit to the class for one year and receive a set of premium grappling MMA gloves, premium shin guards and the AFS Signature “Fighter” T-Shirt.



Get total body results for the new year with Aguirre’s Fighting System Wrestling class. Build strength and endurance while carving up a new toned look. Wrestling will push your body’s core with challenging techniques. Sign up for 1 year and you’ll get a mouth guard, AFS Signature “Fighter” T-Shirt and Signature AFS Training shorts.