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Coach Jay

03 Oct

Muay Thai
Coach Jay fell in love with martial arts and has a passion for combat sports training. He wants to help others meet their fitness goals.
Pro MMA Fighter
Highly Trained Muay Thai Specialist
Striking Specialist
1. What got you started in combat sports and how long have you been in martial arts?
My best friends got me into kickboxing started in 2005. I didn’t want to but they made me. I thought kickboxing was fake. After the first class, I was sold.
2. Have you or do you compete and if so, what competitions?
Back in the day I did a bunch of amateur muay thai and kickboxing bouts, smokers. Then from 2011 to 2012 I did amateur MMA for various organizations like Camo. In 2012, I started my professional MMA career with Gladiator Challenge.
3. What’s your goal in martial arts?
To compete at the highest level… and win.
4. What is your coaching philosophy?
To make each individual student better at what they do in every aspect of the art. Basically, share my knowledge with them to the best of my abilities and pass down the fundamentals that I have been taught.
5. Outside of martial arts, what are your interests or hobbies?
Spending quality time with friends and family.
6. Who are your top three favorite fighters?
Oscar De La Hoya, Ernesto Hoost and Bas Rutten.
7. What do you enjoy about coaching?
Watching people excel, push themselves and reaching their goals.
8. What’s the highlight of your coaching career?
Teaching a really hyper 4 year old how to learn the discipline of kickboxing. He had like zero attention span.
9. What’s your favorite song to train to?
Til I Collapse - Eminem
10. Outside martial arts, what’s your favorite sport?